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Porn studios executives claim that on the beginning of the online adult content the audience share grew by 200% a year. The success was attributed to free videos posted on YouTube japanese vr porn where people watched hot scenes.

“In traditional filming, one or more cameras move around the scene. This creates opportunities for many options and angles while in VR errors are more noticeable. In order to keep the viewer involved, there is a whole production team hidden from view.

Here are some ideas about whether porn makes a distance from reality or not:

  • Users try their best to find words to express their feelings. After people appreciate this technology, they immediately want to switch to a better headset. They don’t want to come back to usual watching.
  • Majority of videos can be downloaded in Oculus Gear VR compatible formats or with Cardboard-style headsets, which make users completely satisfied with virtual reality content.
  • Top experts in the field claim that for modern users content ranks second after technology. People strive to feel like their making love, not just observing it. Some believe that nowadays 5% is for content, 95% is for technology.

Is VR Porn Easy to Perform?

Some leading actors and actresses of adult movies tell about the experience of shooting VR the following things:

  • We have to pose and move differently because, through the lenses, VR angles look different.
  • It takes a lot more energy from the actress, because the male actor cannot move more and speak, so all the cues depend on her. Usually there is a change between partners, but in VR most of the action is on female actress. Women also have to train exactly where to look: at the camera, behind the camera or above.
  • Because of these limitations, filming often lasts twice as long as ordinary scenes, and this demand more efforts from the actors.
  • VR is definitely much harder to physically shoot. Constant eye contact with the camera can be tedious.
  • Costs are also increasing. A typical scene costs $ 3,000. VR scene – $ 6000, but all the difference goes into post-production. And the latter is what mostly appreciated by viewers because it contributes to the effect of presence.

Most of the scenes in new techniques are shot at 180° since most of the users are lying and they don’t have to look at what’s behind. For example, in one video the viewer lies, and around him, two couples are copulating. You can choose which pair to watch by looking in their direction.

So we may make a conclusion that VR porn doesn’t create a distance from reality but in fact creates its own. Time will tell if user are ready to accept it 100%.

Watch VR

VR-enhanced video is the latest trend sweeping the entertainment industry in general and pornography in particular. The recently introduced technology has caused a true porn boom, with the number of videos skyrocketing from dozens to thousands since 2016. Today, VR porn is enjoyed by over 150 million people around the world, and the popularity is clearly linked to the benefits of VR.

In fact, VR pornography is more than video content – it creates a truly immersive and interactive experience. VR headsets boost viewers’ pleasure to a vast degree, partly due to the wider field of vision. So, how much can you see when you watch porn using a VR headset?

What You See

Once you strap your headset on, you are immersed in the virtual world and completely unaware of any background distractions. Here are the main visual benefits of VR porn.


Typically, VR porn studios produce videos with a 180, 220 or 360-degree view. This means you can actually look around the room and focus on any part of your virtual partner’s body. Many users claim they prefer studying the actor’s face while they are sitting on top – this “eye contact” can make the experience feel very intimate and real. You may even examine the furniture or, say, books on a shelf.

First-person experience

You will see your toned naked body from the torso down, and watch the sexual act through the avatar’s eyes. Typically, your porn avatar will be standing or lying on the bed while being pleasured by the partner.

Variety of scenes

VR porn content includes all sorts of sex, fetishes and fantasies. There are straight, lesbian and gay porn, wild threesomes and orgies featuring everything from blowjobs and ball licking to 69 and BDSM. You will surely find something matching your secret bedroom fantasy, whatever it is.

Different POVs

Porn studios produce high-definition videos with both male and female POV (point of view), and content tailored to both genders.

Increased Pleasure

The headset will trick your brain into thinking you are truly taking part in the sex scene. Of course, looking around in the virtual world takes practice, but once you adapt to the format, the immersion will give you sensations of incredible intensity.

Today, the avatars are mostly static, and strip club rules – look but do not touch – apply. However, this has not prevented some users from experience what they claim felt like losing their virginity again.

You will see the virtual sex partner as close as inches from your face, and it is drastically different from looking at a flat screen. In the VR world, porn stars are full-sized humans and you can even synchronize your Kiiro or Lovense sex toy with the movements in the video. The powerful sensations from sexual VR experience are incomparable to the old-school 2D porn. The future of pornography is here, so join in and taste its naughty pleasures.

Field of View

There are many elements essential for maintaining a happy and healthy romantic relationship. We often hear about the detrimental effects of pornographic movies, pictures, and literature on real-life human interaction. However, porn is inescapable. All adult males have at least some pornography experience, and women also watch porn, although they do it less often. So, how much of the bad rap is true?

Recent Research

Most of the widely covered studies usually exclusively delve into the negative effects while completely overlooking the benefits. This attitude is changing. A recent review published in Current Opinion in Psychology highlights this weakness of the preceding research and looks into the positive effects of porn as well as its flipside. Based on such research, it is safe to assume that pornography can be used as a tool to improve your relationship. Here is how.

In the study, couples watched adult movies together over a period of several weeks and reported their reactions. Here is what the research found:

  • The couples wanted and had more sex in comparison with the control group who did not watch any porn;
  • An increased desire for closeness was often reported;
  • The participants noticed a boost in sexual confidence;
  • Most importantly, their view of the romantic partner did not change;
  • Naturally, porn is still a problem when only one partner consumes it. This causes higher “dysfunction” and deteriorated “erotic climate”. However, when adult content is watched by both partners, the effects are reversed.

More Benefits

Even more positive effects were revealed in an older study conducted by The Institute Of Technology Sydney. Respondents reported feeling less repressed and more open-minded about sex, as well as increased tolerance of diversity and other people’s sexualities. Other positive effects included more attention to the partner’s pleasure, use of porn for sexual education, and helping to maintain sexual interest in the long-term.

Importantly, the listed effects were shown to be more common than the feared objectification of sexual partners. This only shows that pornography is not the absolute evil it is said to be. When couples watch porn together, they report a host of positive effects, which should be studied further.

Interestingly, there is a difference between the effects of adult content on men and women. While men’s use of porn can be linked to the lower relationship and sexual fulfillment, women’s use of pornography may lead to higher sexual and relationship fulfillment. The key to a satisfying relationship, as studies show, is that porn must be a shared experience, rather than secret solitary me-time.

Overall, studies suggest that adult video content can exert a number of possible effects on human relationships, some of which are positive and should not be disregarded.

Porn help

Today, VR porn is in fashion. With 150+ million active users around the world, the industry is booming, releasing new content every day. Unlike the conventional porn, the format requires a little preparation and perhaps a few purchases. However, it is not absolutely necessary to splurge on a fancy headset like Oculus Rift. You could opt for a cheaper option like Google Cardboard and use your smartphone to stream or download porn. Just slip it inside the headset and enjoy. Both Android and iOS will work.

Follow these guidelines to watch VR porn on your smartphone, and learn everything you need to know to get set up, including the best headsets, and ways to find adult VR content on the internet.


The task requires an Android smartphone suitable for virtual reality movies, which means a relatively recent model. Here are the main features required:

  • The oldest operating system you may use is Android 4.1;
  • The more powerful the better, as VR videos have bigger file sizes;   
  • The screen must be five inches or bigger to ensure comfortable viewing;
  • The preferable minimum resolution is 720p, but aim for a Full HD or Quad HD screen. This will guarantee grain-free porn. The higher the resolution the less pixelated the video.

More expensive models like the HTC 10 or Samsung Galaxy S7, with their 2560×1440 resolution, are obviously a good choice. To ensure a truly immersive experience, use something like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a 5.5-inch Quad HD screen. If you are unwilling to cash out, however, you could still use something modest like the Vodafone Smart Ultra.


Start by checking that your potential headset can fit an iPhone. In addition, not any iPhone will do – you need at least an iPhone 6, not something with a tiny 4-inch screen. Bear in mind that even the 4.7-inch models will still decrease the immersion. To enjoy the full range of sensations, take a 6 Plus, 6s Plus or 7 Plus.


Almost all VR headsets available today are compatible with VR porn, from Google Cardboard to Samsung’s Gear VR and third-party models like the Homido goggles. Of course, the content of the most popular websites is perfectly compatible with Oculus Rift, but Google Cardboard is by far the cheapest option to get a taste of VR porn on an Android or iPhone. As with all cardboard headsets, you should find a headband to strap it to your face, so that your hands are free.

Once you have the hardware ready, look for some suitable content. Quite a few companies offer good-quality VR smut, usually for a moderate monthly fee. Try Naughty America or Virtual Reality Porn. Just remember that while a VR headset will eliminate all background distractions, it may also increase the risk of someone walking in on you. So make sure your door is locked before indulging in the pleasures of VR-enhanced sex.  

Watch VR

Since the adoption of VR, the porn industry has experienced a format revolution. With the number of regular VR porn consumers exceeding 150 million,  studios are working tirelessly to release fresh and varied content at least weekly. VR pornography is promoted as a new type of pleasure. It implies something more impressive than merely watching a sex scene on a flat screen. With VR, you no longer watch – you experience. The revolutionary nature of this immersive and even interactive content accounts for the soaring popularity. So, how what are the benefits of VR porn?

Visual Depth

Watching VR porn requires some preparation and possibly purchases, although you can find options for any budget. Whether you use your smartphone with the cheap Google Cardboard or splurge on the fancy and Oculus Rift, the key principle of the VR technology is the same.

Users of VR porn enjoy visual depth in addition to lifelike scenarios. In fact, some people have compared the experience to the losing virginity again. The headset is a tool to trick your brain into believing that you are part of a very real sex scene. In essence, the experience becomes interactive. Most VR porn is filmed with a 180 or 360-degree perspective, so you can look around and focus on whichever part of the actor you like. With a headset, you may change angles, viewing the interaction from above, below or behind. You could even focus on the furniture in the room if you want to.

Moreover, you see the characters inches from your face and in their full-size human scale, rather than some small projections. Most commonly, your avatar body will be standing or lying down while the partner is pleasuring you.

Variety of Content

VR porn studios produce videos with male and female POV (point of view), and even allow VR threesomes. This way, if your romantic partner is into VR porn, too, you could share the experience! Today, you can find VR porn of any kind – straight, gay and lesbian, group sex, with fetishes and fantasies ranging from blowjobs and swallowing to 69 and creampie. Hence, with some digging, you are bound to find VR videos fulfilling your special naughty fantasy, and experience incredibly powerful realistic sensations.

Unprecedented Sensations

A headset will isolate you from all background distractions, allowing immersion into a virtual environment structured around sexual pleasure. No longer are you staring at a flat projection as an onlooker. You become an active participant, witnessing the act through the eyes of your porn avatar, watching your ripped virtual body getting engaged in the process that feels incredibly real. Many viewers say they enjoy “eye contact” with their virtual partner while they are on top. The intensity can be boosted even further by involving sex toys. Connect your Kiiro or Lovense gadget, and its vibrations will be synchronized with the movements in the video.


It may take your brain some time to fully adapt to the new format. Looking around with a headset may feel awkward in the beginning. However, once you get used to it, porn becomes a genuinely intimate and lifelike experience. In fact, the sensations are incredibly close to real-life sex.

Of course, this complete immersion will also increase the risk of someone walking in on you, so do ensure your door is locked!

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