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Porn studios executives claim that on the beginning of the online adult content the audience share grew by 200% a year. The success was attributed to free videos posted on YouTube japanese vr porn where people watched hot scenes.

“In traditional filming, one or more cameras move around the scene. This creates opportunities for many options and angles while in VR errors are more noticeable. In order to keep the viewer involved, there is a whole production team hidden from view.

Here are some ideas about whether porn makes a distance from reality or not:

  • Users try their best to find words to express their feelings. After people appreciate this technology, they immediately want to switch to a better headset. They don’t want to come back to usual watching.
  • Majority of videos can be downloaded in Oculus Gear VR compatible formats or with Cardboard-style headsets, which make users completely satisfied with virtual reality content.
  • Top experts in the field claim that for modern users content ranks second after technology. People strive to feel like their making love, not just observing it. Some believe that nowadays 5% is for content, 95% is for technology.

Is VR Porn Easy to Perform?

Some leading actors and actresses of adult movies tell about the experience of shooting VR the following things:

  • We have to pose and move differently because, through the lenses, VR angles look different.
  • It takes a lot more energy from the actress, because the male actor cannot move more and speak, so all the cues depend on her. Usually there is a change between partners, but in VR most of the action is on female actress. Women also have to train exactly where to look: at the camera, behind the camera or above.
  • Because of these limitations, filming often lasts twice as long as ordinary scenes, and this demand more efforts from the actors.
  • VR is definitely much harder to physically shoot. Constant eye contact with the camera can be tedious.
  • Costs are also increasing. A typical scene costs $ 3,000. VR scene – $ 6000, but all the difference goes into post-production. And the latter is what mostly appreciated by viewers because it contributes to the effect of presence.

Most of the scenes in new techniques are shot at 180° since most of the users are lying and they don’t have to look at what’s behind. For example, in one video the viewer lies, and around him, two couples are copulating. You can choose which pair to watch by looking in their direction.

So we may make a conclusion that VR porn doesn’t create a distance from reality but in fact creates its own. Time will tell if user are ready to accept it 100%.

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