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VR-enhanced video is the latest trend sweeping the entertainment industry in general and pornography in particular. The recently introduced technology has caused a true porn boom, with the number of videos skyrocketing from dozens to thousands since 2016. Today, VR porn is enjoyed by over 150 million people around the world, and the popularity is clearly linked to the benefits of VR.

In fact, VR pornography is more than video content – it creates a truly immersive and interactive experience. VR headsets boost viewers’ pleasure to a vast degree, partly due to the wider field of vision. So, how much can you see when you watch porn using a VR headset?

What You See

Once you strap your headset on, you are immersed in the virtual world and completely unaware of any background distractions. Here are the main visual benefits of VR porn.


Typically, VR porn studios produce videos with a 180, 220 or 360-degree view. This means you can actually look around the room and focus on any part of your virtual partner’s body. Many users claim they prefer studying the actor’s face while they are sitting on top – this “eye contact” can make the experience feel very intimate and real. You may even examine the furniture or, say, books on a shelf.

First-person experience

You will see your toned naked body from the torso down, and watch the sexual act through the avatar’s eyes. Typically, your porn avatar will be standing or lying on the bed while being pleasured by the partner.

Variety of scenes

VR porn content includes all sorts of sex, fetishes and fantasies. There are straight, lesbian and gay porn, wild threesomes and orgies featuring everything from blowjobs and ball licking to 69 and BDSM. You will surely find something matching your secret bedroom fantasy, whatever it is.

Different POVs

Porn studios produce high-definition videos with both male and female POV (point of view), and content tailored to both genders.

Increased Pleasure

The headset will trick your brain into thinking you are truly taking part in the sex scene. Of course, looking around in the virtual world takes practice, but once you adapt to the format, the immersion will give you sensations of incredible intensity.

Today, the avatars are mostly static, and strip club rules – look but do not touch – apply. However, this has not prevented some users from experience what they claim felt like losing their virginity again.

You will see the virtual sex partner as close as inches from your face, and it is drastically different from looking at a flat screen. In the VR world, porn stars are full-sized humans and you can even synchronize your Kiiro or Lovense sex toy with the movements in the video. The powerful sensations from sexual VR experience are incomparable to the old-school 2D porn. The future of pornography is here, so join in and taste its naughty pleasures.

Field of View

Since the adoption of VR, the porn industry has experienced a format revolution. With the number of regular VR porn consumers exceeding 150 million,  studios are working tirelessly to release fresh and varied content at least weekly. VR pornography is promoted as a new type of pleasure. It implies something more impressive than merely watching a sex scene on a flat screen. With VR, you no longer watch – you experience. The revolutionary nature of this immersive and even interactive content accounts for the soaring popularity. So, how what are the benefits of VR porn?

Visual Depth

Watching VR porn requires some preparation and possibly purchases, although you can find options for any budget. Whether you use your smartphone with the cheap Google Cardboard or splurge on the fancy and Oculus Rift, the key principle of the VR technology is the same.

Users of VR porn enjoy visual depth in addition to lifelike scenarios. In fact, some people have compared the experience to the losing virginity again. The headset is a tool to trick your brain into believing that you are part of a very real sex scene. In essence, the experience becomes interactive. Most VR porn is filmed with a 180 or 360-degree perspective, so you can look around and focus on whichever part of the actor you like. With a headset, you may change angles, viewing the interaction from above, below or behind. You could even focus on the furniture in the room if you want to.

Moreover, you see the characters inches from your face and in their full-size human scale, rather than some small projections. Most commonly, your avatar body will be standing or lying down while the partner is pleasuring you.

Variety of Content

VR porn studios produce videos with male and female POV (point of view), and even allow VR threesomes. This way, if your romantic partner is into VR porn, too, you could share the experience! Today, you can find VR porn of any kind – straight, gay and lesbian, group sex, with fetishes and fantasies ranging from blowjobs and swallowing to 69 and creampie. Hence, with some digging, you are bound to find VR videos fulfilling your special naughty fantasy, and experience incredibly powerful realistic sensations.

Unprecedented Sensations

A headset will isolate you from all background distractions, allowing immersion into a virtual environment structured around sexual pleasure. No longer are you staring at a flat projection as an onlooker. You become an active participant, witnessing the act through the eyes of your porn avatar, watching your ripped virtual body getting engaged in the process that feels incredibly real. Many viewers say they enjoy “eye contact” with their virtual partner while they are on top. The intensity can be boosted even further by involving sex toys. Connect your Kiiro or Lovense gadget, and its vibrations will be synchronized with the movements in the video.


It may take your brain some time to fully adapt to the new format. Looking around with a headset may feel awkward in the beginning. However, once you get used to it, porn becomes a genuinely intimate and lifelike experience. In fact, the sensations are incredibly close to real-life sex.

Of course, this complete immersion will also increase the risk of someone walking in on you, so do ensure your door is locked!

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